Do You Want To Double Your Rates, Book Yourself Solid and Build Recurring Revenue for Your Freelance Business?

If you're struggling right now, that may seem unrealistic. But it's possible - I've done it, and can you. Here's what you'll learn, lesson by lesson:

  • Why you should never, ever compete on price (and how to stop doing it).
  • How to escape being 'desperate for work' so you can charge more and find better quality clients.
  • How to sell a top shelf service with honesty and integrity - and close important deals with zero sleaze.
  • Why it's so essential to commit to mastery of your craft (and how to do it.)
  • How to present yourself as a top-level pro.
  • Why you must specialize if you want to charge dollar.
  • Why you need to generate inbound leads and stop 'hunting.'
  • How to develop your perfect client 'hit list.'
  • How to build recurring revenue - the key to long term prosperity and income growth.

Meet Your Freelancing Business Strategist 

Through my SEO business, I've advised multiple multi-millionaire business clients on their digital strategy - the exact same strategy knowledge I'm sharing with you to to grow your freelancing business.

Tom McSherry, Founder, Premium SEO 

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